EUREKA - A science educational textbook for anyone who is interested in learning and understanding science



Eureka is a result of a decade-long research work in designing various learning and visualization techniques to improve one's understanding of literally hundreds of science concepts.

Eureka was developed to overcome many of the problems in science education such as:

    Some of the benefits of Eureka:

Eureka is not only beneficial to high school and university students and teachers but to anyone who is interested in learning and understanding science.
Students at the postsecondary level whose major studies are electronics, electrical & computer engineering, or physics benefit the most from Eureka.

Eureka is a reference book that can be used as a self-study book or to be used in conjunction with existing textbooks. Ideally, a student would first read a topic from Eureka and then refer to his/hers actual textbook for more information, if necessary.

Virtually all topics are written using a simple, conversational style. Eureka also has hundreds of examples and thousands of well-made illustrations.
Even the most complex topics and concepts, such as quantum mechanics, digital memory systems, and microprocessors, are simplified to the point that virtually any reader is able to comprehend most of the material included in Eureka.

For a layperson Eureka gives simple explanations to great many topics that any reader would be interested in, such as what is magnetism and what causes it?, what is visible light and what mechanism generates different colors?, why certain electromagnetic radiation can be harmful to humans?, why atoms get together to form various substances?, how microwave ovens heat up food, or why sky is blue?

Academically Eureka has been well-received. Many top universities have evaluated Eureka and are recommending it to their students. This includes the First Year Office and the Electrical and Computer Engineering departments of the University of Toronto.

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